Plan Sponsors

Balancing affordability and accessibility to deliver sustainable pharmacy benefit programs

Plan sponsors want to find the right pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solution at the most affordable cost for their organization.

At HealthSmartRx Solutions, we understand that every plan sponsor has different requirements – whether from employers, Taft-Hartley, ERISA or MEWA Trusts, Joint Powers Administrators, to school districts, federal, state, and local governments.

We work with plan sponsors and their trusted advisors to understand their specific short- and long-term budget, cost constraints, and end-user needs. Our goal is to deliver the right balance of affordability, cost and accessibility and a sustainable pharmacy program that ensures employee and end-user satisfaction.

Backed by the largest PBM organization in the U.S., HSRx Solutions provides the consulting expertise, purchasing power, and scale to deliver negotiated discounts, rebate agreements, and maximum value for plan sponsors.

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Our solutions deliver maximum value and cost savings for plan sponsors and their employees and end users. 
  • Delivers the best-tier pricing backed by the largest PBM in the U.S.
  • Balances affordability, cost, and accessibility to ensure a sustainable pharmacy program for plan sponsors
  • Provides innovative programs that deliver maximum cost savings for plan sponsors and their end users

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