HealthSmartRx Gallagher Discount Card

Lowering pharmacy costs for clients and members.

Gallagher has partnered with HealthSmartRx Solutions to help members without pharmacy coverage reduce the cost of most medications by taking advantage of significant discounts offered when the HealthSmartRx Gallagher discount card is used.

It’s available to anybody, and you can download and start using it today!

Download Discount Card FAQs

Note: This card is not insurance and does not replace your medical insurance ID Card.

Cost savings of up to 75% on prescription medications

HealthSmartRx Gallagher Discount Card:

  • Deliver cost savings of up to 75% on most prescription medications at more than 67,000 pharmacies
  • Offer retail pharmacy discount program to ease members’ financial hardships and make prescription medications more affordable for the underinsured and uninsured
  • Buffer costs due to coverage gaps
  • Complement and add value to health plans, including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), High Deductible Plans and Medicare Part D discounts on non-covered drugs
  • Eligibility for discounts on pet medications