HealthSmartRx Solutions Copay Maximizer

Maximize savings opportunities on high cost drugs with manufacturer assistance integration

For members, the high cost of specialty drugs can create a financial hardship.

To address this challenge, HealthSmartRx (HSRx) Solutions offers the Copay Maximizer Program to reduce the financial burdens associated with high cost medications by making them more affordable for members.

Through the HSRx Solutions program, manufacturer assistance programs are used reduce both member and plan prescription medication costs.   

The Copay Maximizer Program can access savings and drugs on both the medical and pharmacy benefit and can be implemented with external payers and existing pharmacy benefit managers. 

It’s innovative programs like HealthSmartRx Solutions’ Copay Maximizer that are helping lower the costs of specialty drugs for members and payers.

The Copay Maximizer Program saved a large state employees and retirees insurance agency $2 million in specialty drug costs – with no additional administrative costs.

HealthSmartRx Solutions Copay Maximizer:

  • Leverage co-pay assistance program to drive optimal value for members, plan sponsors, and payers on specialty drugs
  • Ease the financial burden by helping defray the high cost of specialty drugs for members
  • Deliver average pharmacy cost savings of $24 per member per month

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